Daniel Chen

About Me

HI, I'm Daniel! I'm a freshman at CMU studying Information Systems with minors in Computer Science and Business Administration. I've always been interested in technology, specifically ways that it can be used to interact with people and fulfill their daily objectives. This is why I want to learn more about the intersection between business and computer science. In my free time, I like to play chess, cook, and do logic puzzles.

Daniel Chen

My Experiences

  • I worked as a software engineer on the CMU BTG Website Reconstruction (The site you're on right now!)
  • I won second place at a hackathon for my 112 class by developing a turn based strategy map game
  • I've worked as a teaching assistant for an introductory computer science course
  • I designed "Your Home at Information Systems" - a prototype app that helped users understand the more complicated nature of IS

Contact Info

Want to reach out? Send us a line at info@cmubtg.com
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