Sahaja Danthurthy

About Me

I am a freshman studying Business Administration. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and have lived there my entire life. I have always been interested in both business and technology and am still figuring out how I can combine both of those fields. I have also always had a passion for politics and government and have worked/volunteered for many campaigns over the last few years. In my free time, I love playing music, watching football with my family, and spending time with friends!

Sahaja Danthurthy

My Experiences

  • I interned at and attended LaunchX, an entrepreneurial bootcamp, where I started a company called Stera which added fitness to gaming. I conducted market research, created a business plan, helped with the development of the app and website, and pitched to investors.
  • I created a single-player typing game using Python, Tkinter, and SQLite which scraped text files, had interactive features, and give analytical feedback.
  • I conducted voter analysis while working on a campaign to target minority groups, improve voter turnout, and get petition signatures for local candidates.
  • I am currently assisting on the UI/Design team for the Website Reconstruction project in the Carnegie Mellon Business Technology Group.

Contact Info

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